Friday, March 27, 2015

Train of Thought

I’m training my mental thought, “choo choo - all aboard!”, 
this is one mental line you don’t want to miss nor stop.

I thought,
why not hang out at the internet block,
After all, I couldn’t afford a Harvard thought.

But I knew if I took a many of MOOC,
my thoughts would be hot and no longer warm luke,
then the world would see my intelligence is definitely not a fluke.

Nuzzled Coursera, Edx and Udacity,
took my courage of not knowing - cleared it up with opacity, three years layered, and I’ve expanded my mental capacity, I finally have the audacity to record my rhymes through Audacity.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Downed Leg

In a hospital lies a downed leg,
topical cream applies, and a drunken popsicle snuggles a downed keg.

I’m a family guy, but I've never produced a daughter named Meg.
I beat an egg, it scrambles, unable to regroup, it rambles, with no choice but to run with both legs.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Muscled Mussels

Life and Adversity come to the door and ask if you can come play never-ending tug-o-war.

Sure, bring the fire, tag Graham, crackers, and marshmallows pour.  
We’re taking the lens off this pot, call it a naked Instagram tour.

A gooey mouthful, we’re all in store.  Life’s throwing everything in the pot, call it a sticky smorgasbord.

Tug east, tug west, tug might from your inner chest.
Mug a beast, give a mighty tussle, pry the shell open, squirt some lemon and consume a mussel.  Pry courage from your shell and work your mental muscle!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Goliath Resilient

 David and Goliath

What should you do when life's obstacles seem too large?


Take them by the head and mean it!

Hackathon One

Three, two, one,
time is up and everyone holds their breath to see who’s won.

Let’s step back and delve into the humans who rivalled the falling and rising Sun…

At the check-in table, it feels like an innovative stable.

Swag and treats galore,
smiles encouraging to perform what you haven’t tried before.

After the introductions and requirements are said,
trot over to the social feeding trough - eat and speak like Mr. Ed.

After your belly is full,
wrap around the pitches or unwind your pitch from the yarn wrapped spool.

Assemble your team,
make it memorable, and make it a meme.

Upon a keyboard your fingers run,
elbows greased and hair squeezed into a bun.

Everyone’s exhaled, the shot of the final gun has rung.

Prize money flees the scene like a fox chased bun-ny.
If you don’t win, keep running, down the road you’ll find a spot warm and sunny.

Congratulate the people who won,
and praise the people who refused to keep mum.
For this hackathon, was for some, the first one they’ve ever done!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exercised Holidays

This is the poem I recently wrote for a poetry contest.

Exercised Holidays

A tush motivated by the mush,
while another tush is elliptically commanded to mush.

Beads of sweat scour baggy sweats,
it looks like a dicey bakery -
butter and rolls are making bets.

The yoga instructor is out for the weekend.
yoga is on the couch, eating chocolate,
and devouring your meek-friend.

Ride motivation like a crotch rocket,
whatever you do, don’t stop-it,
persistence and movement encased in the same locket,
always moving - mimic that watch inside your pocket.

A New Year begins on Winter’s frost,
resolutions start to toss - while hanging from a chocolate cross.
Four months later, you’ve resolved to eating chocolate covered moss.

We’ll keep your secret while you exercise in Victoria’s underwear.
Stay clear of yesteryear, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wait! - You mustn't hibernate, there’s too much at stake.

For goodness sake, leave that to a bear.
You’ve got holiday parties to bear
and ugly Christmas sweaters to wear.

Company parties with eggnog - liquored and spiced.
Attempts at the president’s vice to become your new vice.

Make a girl’s toes curl to a tippy toe,
while she’s kissing you under a Mistletoe.
Kiss her progressively slow, just go with the flow,
she stops and says, “It’s February,
what’s up with the Mistletoe?”

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tearful Tier

Cascading down, like waterfall flow.
From the top - when bottoms give out - heads will roll.

Bestow an inspirational show, wrap chuckles in a bow.
laughing tearfully through a TV comedy show.

Airwaves, above ground, and above bear caves.
Wildlife and locations streaming through airwaves,
National geographic on TV is now what humans crave.

Highlights of Denver

Highlights of Denver, Colorado:

Illustration of Denver, Colorado - 
Bottom left- Growing economy, ethic diversity, increasing light rail metro system, major sports, brews the most beer in USA, bicycling, parks and outdoors. 
Top right - Mountains and foothills, city skyline, 300 days of sunshine.