Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exercised Holidays

This is the poem I recently wrote for a poetry contest.

Exercised Holidays

A tush motivated by the mush,
while another tush is elliptically commanded to mush.

Beads of sweat scour baggy sweats,
it looks like a dicey bakery -
butter and rolls are making bets.

The yoga instructor is out for the weekend.
yoga is on the couch, eating chocolate,
and devouring your meek-friend.

Ride motivation like a crotch rocket,
whatever you do, don’t stop-it,
persistence and movement encased in the same locket,
always moving - mimic that watch inside your pocket.

A New Year begins on Winter’s frost,
resolutions start to toss - while hanging from a chocolate cross.
Four months later, you’ve resolved to eating chocolate covered moss.

We’ll keep your secret while you exercise in Victoria’s underwear.
Stay clear of yesteryear, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wait! - You mustn't hibernate, there’s too much at stake.

For goodness sake, leave that to a bear.
You’ve got holiday parties to bear
and ugly Christmas sweaters to wear.

Company parties with eggnog - liquored and spiced.
Attempts at the president’s vice to become your new vice.

Make a girl’s toes curl to a tippy toe,
while she’s kissing you under a Mistletoe.
Kiss her progressively slow, just go with the flow,
she stops and says, “It’s February,
what’s up with the Mistletoe?”

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