Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hackathon One

Three, two, one,
time is up and everyone holds their breath to see who’s won.

Let’s step back and delve into the humans who rivalled the falling and rising Sun…

At the check-in table, it feels like an innovative stable.

Swag and treats galore,
smiles encouraging to perform what you haven’t tried before.

After the introductions and requirements are said,
trot over to the social feeding trough - eat and speak like Mr. Ed.

After your belly is full,
wrap around the pitches or unwind your pitch from the yarn wrapped spool.

Assemble your team,
make it memorable, and make it a meme.

Upon a keyboard your fingers run,
elbows greased and hair squeezed into a bun.

Everyone’s exhaled, the shot of the final gun has rung.

Prize money flees the scene like a fox chased bun-ny.
If you don’t win, keep running, down the road you’ll find a spot warm and sunny.

Congratulate the people who won,
and praise the people who refused to keep mum.
For this hackathon, was for some, the first one they’ve ever done!


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