Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tomayto, Tomahto

Tomayto, Tomahto,
my bank account is in the red,
I think I need to go play the lotto.

Grabbin’ this mic like a banana,
I’ll get a stage name,
but during the day keep a plain name
and come out at night as Hannah Montana.

Thank you for listening to my bravado,
I’m aspiring to be the next Aristotle,
until then, I’ll keep coming to open mics with my glass water bottle.
Ok, I'm leaving but not to DIA, I'm working hard to make it out of Colorado.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Inhale, exhale, keys pounding on the home row rail.
Sitting on your tail, as fingers tell the tale.

Keys on a laptop go click-clack,
piano keys housed in a wooden rack.
Keys of a lumberjack - swing front to back
while carving pianos in a stack, 
candles on top. wick-wack.

Inhaled air routed to your organs,
exhaled air played on an organ.
Create a masterpiece,

make it memorable like Freeman, Morgan.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Telescope Stubble

Sometimes life can feel like rubble, it can even feel like three day old stubble. If you let things get out of hand, it can get you into trouble.

View life with a different telescope.
it’s easy to wine and complain, instead breed positive hope
and refuse to tell a mope.

You fell in a water filled crater, with no pale.
You made it out many years later, heck, now you have a story to tell.

Your situation is no longer rubble,
now you can snuggle, inspire to juggle, and love with a cuddle.
you’re orbiting the world and viewing through the lens of Hubble.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Doorbell Salmon

Press a summoning spell,
have a compelling story to tell.

A door’s companion, missing one is the equivalent of ringing famine.
It’s like the North Atlantic missing its salmon.

If you’re not sure and not specific,
you might as well get lost in the North Pacific.

People get up in a fit of joy when pressed,
salmon become coy when caviar is laid to rest.

Going on a salmon run is usually no fun,
it’s all uphill and definitely not fun,
bears with clamping jaws, weighing more than a ton.
Hunters equip their poles and shun their guns.

Bald eagle eyeing a salmon-y show,
like George Segal putting on a “Just shoot me!” show.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Yik Yak

Location aware - people yaking about Netflix,
college chairs and lacy underwear, under where!?

When you yak there’s no going back, yeah there’s a delete button but no backtrack. Onward Yik Yak!

Upvote, downvote - a steady upvote of your yak posts allows you to continually add to the community of Yik Yak compote.

I’m riding a Yak, heading towards a trap, I pull the reins and yik,
it wasn’t that serious, I choked my Yak just to avoid a stick.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab a snack, download the app, ride a Yak’s back and anonymously Yik Yak.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oven Goods

I’m baking a verb and preposition together.  
Peek inside my oven and you’ll see, of-in.

Little miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating curds and whey,
so much so, on the top developed a muffin,
all the guys started calling her a chubby bae.
It was hard to leave her yard, she had the smile of Tina Fey.
All the boys got in a position of a guard and assisted in Missy Elliott’s play.

I’m sleepy on this night, I’m trying ever so slight with tongue in cheeky.

But the monk traveled to Denver and is now sheltered in a tree trunk.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paddled Creek

Paddle a creek
after riding saddle’s creak.
next time you want to moan, mute the creak,
battle with a paddle and you’ll go far up and down the creek.

Become courageous,
let courage leak.
Stew bravery in a soup of leek.

Wishful ambition resting on a peak,
a list full of tasks leaked,
all of them unchecked, and now no one’s interest is piqued.

If you remain afraid to peek
around the corner,
well, you’ll never peak.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Jump Rope

Jumping rope can be as simple
as jumping with a smile, indent a line, and give a dimple.

quickly jumping with increasing rep,
alternating feet with increasing pep.

Left goes right and right goes left,
hands in motion, with a bit of deft.
Keep em’ tight like you’ve just committed a theft,
keep em’ weighted with a bit of heft

Learn the ropes,
swing a rope,
more importantly,
never give up hope.

Life’s not a VCR, there’s no skipping,
rewinding, nor pausing on a line.
Exercise hope wholeheartedly,
and make the best use of time.


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Insightful Sight

Write after the insight,
write when vision is in sight.

When the target has left your sights,
write when fear arrives onsite.
Write courageously, but not in spite,
but please, do bully the fearful site.  Create a world in sprites,
not carbonized lemon and lime drawn through straw pipes,
but the kind from digital mines - the flying wingless types.

Inspite of it all, stand from your crawl,
after all, you’ve come too far to remain a flower on the wall.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thawed Tube Top

Traffic is here,
start, stop.

A plumber’s crack is near,
drip, drop.

Pennzoil in Nascar’s rear,

Buoyant bounce inside a tube top,
tubes connecting various tops,
while missing straps at the top.

The Sun’s tanning sear,
Summer is here,
Flip flop.