Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bark in the park

Bark in the park

In a park, on a tree, grows some bark.
around a tree a dog goes bark.

Become Zero Dark Thirty,
infiltrate a compound, bark and become dirty.

Bark - rough, coarse, and an outer verse.
Stay tough, on course and protect from the worst.

A dark bark is quite stark - illuminate with a bright heart.
Be courageous and emerge from the doubtful mart,
no one’s paying for spoiled goods in a cart.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bike Ride

Bicycle, tricycle,
grab a tyke and tickle.
You knew you were in a pickle,
when she asked for ice cream and a pickle.

Pedal after pedal, medal after medal,
on a seat, in motion, and unwilling to settle.
Rain or shine, you ride growth like a blossoming flower pedal.

Mileage varies, but a revolution always turn the wheels.
what you do now will determine what’s on your will.

Exercise on a binge, joints terrorized on a hinge.
Oil your joints and lubricate daily for a healing mend.
One day you’ll realize, endurance will take you to the end
and congratulate you like a loyal friend.  
Until then, ride fierce, cycle until you've spoke(n) from end to end!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer's Chair

Summer’s Chair,

Sit here, sit there, just make sure you sit in a chair.
After a bit of rest, it’s time to make it to the county fair.

Hot dogs consumed, wet dogs perfumed,
a wiener dog made from a balloon,
come Winter, we’ll surely miss Summer’s tune.

Rest your head in Summer’s lap, warm embrace, take a nap.
Place a salad inside a burrito and call it a wrap.

Summer’s salad dressed with Strawberry,
oh how you’ll miss Summer in a dress
and her hair colored in Strawberry.

You’ll impress her once more in that shirt made from Burberry.


Friday, June 19, 2015

Ping Pong

Ping Pong.

Bouncing back and forth, 
a ball testing your wrist-flicking worth.

A net set halfway,
overcome, and you’ll win many awards like Anne Hathaway.

During break, paddles ball.  
During lunch, cattle fall.

Shopping for a table in a mall,
measuring the height, making sure it’s not too tall.

Balls with the weight of a feather,
lock and leer, you’re combating Heather.

Jet over to the next set, grab a beer with that cheer,
you’ll soon be on a jet with the name of Lear.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walking Road

Walking Road,
each step gets you closer to a story untold.
Pages turned, some wrinkled, others undone from the fold.
Recipe books written, instructing how long to stay in the mold.

A mold streamlines the average joe,
a mold defines average to the bold.
Mold appears when action is damp and light's banished from a lamp.  
No one holds your hand while walking up that action ramp.

Don’t celebrate too soon, you’ll need to put miles on that pavement, 
it’s too early to join the rave tent.

So before anything can be told,
you must set out on your own walking road...


Monday, June 15, 2015

Thoughtful Dream

Thoughtful Dream.
Dreams you really mean,
testing theories beyond what they seem.
Stretching persistence beyond their seams.
fetching resistance and forming a team.

Take masses through passes and call it a journey.
keep sloth and doubt at bay, otherwise,
you’ll never pass doubtful gases, and your confidence will sink in molasses stretched out in a gurney.


Friday, June 12, 2015


Aftermath of rain in a huddle.
An earthy bowl of where rain chose to cuddle.

Rain rebuttals the desert’s heat struggle,
drops so large, every drop becomes a ball to juggle.

Nozzle opened from the clouds, down pour,
with no way to tell the shower “I want no more.”
Soaked and without a towel,
it's like playing Wheel of Fortune without a vowel.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Chip on the shoulder

Chip on the shoulder,
you lay a chip on your lips as Lays puts a chip in your hip.
yeah, I got a chip on my shoulder,
crummy you won't close your mouth to chew
while peeking over my shoulder!
I’m self makin’ myself,
I’m trying to make it out of this city south of Boulder.

I’m stuck in a web, attempting to create a form without input from anyone.
Given my variables and values, I keep seeking validation,
but there’s no input from anyone.  

I’m going to keep creating and pounding this keyboard with the force of a ton.  While I’m at it, I’m going to rap at the top of my lungs.  Am I done?  No! No one gets a life multiplied by more than one.  The interlude has begun…


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Smoke Stack

Smoke stack, smoking cigarette pack, gives off a smoke signal,
enter your lungs, you now start to choke and unable to giggle.

Smoke packed in your pocket hanging off your back,
your ass wants the space back and your lungs want its air back.

Tobacco barrels tightly packed, with the pack, it’s always given a pat.
Why? It hasn’t done any good, drop the pack
and I’ll give you a pat on the back!

Blazing the ground with ambition, call it a raising smoke stack,
fire under your ass, ego burned and up in flames.
Motivation maimed, with nowhere to aim, you decide life will stay the same.
What happened to the locomotion?  
Burn the coal in that motivational train…


Tears duck

Tears duck under eyes when you feel no luck.
Some feel stuck in a rut, perhaps even stuck in a duct,
open the floodgates and let them escape, it’s not a mistake,
nor an outtake.  

Emotion comes at a varying rate,
please make a change and provide inspiration through that tearful debate.

Fresh cut onions atop a dinner steak,
call it tears produced at a dinner date.

Tears duck, dodge and flow,
a waterway to your heart,
especially, when no one is around for the show…