Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am more powerful than you think | Design

Thought bubbles upper left.  Center - top half of a head, call it a brain dome.  Thought bubbles again in lower right.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hack The Dot

Hack the Dot, Hack on Spot, Spot ideas, who woulda thought?
Premium domain to be got.
On Keyboards, fingers trot.  Teamwork - you’ll need lots.

2 hours is all you got,
don’t let that limit your creative thought.

Be funny, creative juices be runny,
and you’ll capture the prize and maybe money.

Domain cheers, beneficial as kefir - yes sir,
This hackathon’s pioneered by Alex Kehr
Got the same name? We’re still different and not the same Tom,
domain driven and powered by!

For the non-rhyming banter, official design and official site:
Get your city signed up!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Instagram dislikes people weighing more than a gram

Instagram, instagram, where do I place my pict-o-gram?
in-a-van, on-some-sand, next to a skinny man?
better yet, weightless - next to a-moon-man.

Discriminate against women’s weight?
solve the debate, take strides with a healthy gate.
Push open up the curvy gates.

You take em on a date, give em a diuretic,
hopefully they piss on you - water weigh-it
they’ll still look good even if they don’t shed-it.
You can’t even speak on the topic, so you can’t visually TED-it!

Ironic a Facebook turns face and snaps a photo-sharing app with 1 billion faces,
iconic curvy looks hashtagged with curvy hooks,
seemed to be your disgraces, so you removed them faces...

They’ll still be gorgeous, curvy, while marketing pays a moral-fee,
women curvy in floral bikiNis, hashtagging #Curvee

Women think about their bodies everyday,
at least one thought sad, one bad, all because of visual fads.
dammit I’m mad,  a ban on curvy shouldn’t make you glad.

Women genetically have curvy parts,
we know you think the world is flat and you’ve lost your smarts!

Instagram has gone topsy turvy
becoming a big dummy, and afraid to say curvy.

Funny how your instagram logo has all curvy letters,
without curves you wouldn’t even get IT.
You really should revolve around the issue a bit more better.

Weigh more than a gram?
then you have no fans in a curvy band on instagram,
cuz curvy is slammed, doesn’t matter if you’re woman or man.

You censor cuz your moderators really aren’t sure,
they can’t tell the difference between a naked Pauly Shore and a curvy Demi Moore!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Totem Poll Stripper

Make a clip with no bullets, it’s called being reel,
camera’s rolling and showing what’s real.

On a totem, I wrote-em, ashy ending on a pole - a stripper with no LO-tion.  Magic potion - in a room comes a notion, evidence in motion, moving emotions, everyone’s waiting for the Judge to make a motion.

Decay in the worst way- causing totems to lay.
Splinter on her sphincter, someone should have pinched-her.
Rat carved into rising wood - there’s no dancing on Master Splinter.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Making A Change

You'll never change the world if you keep thinking like a teller estranged -
alienated and afraid to make change...  

Courage your pickup so you can drive away from the fearful stick-up.

Plenty of distractions take from your rations,
Even working Idaho needs time to
collect them potatoes for the mashin’.

Work and sow until passion becomes fruit,
growing from a tree and a square root,
yours to multiply, subtract no more, and find your square root!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A god's salad fork

Poseidon turned vegetarian forking lettuce,
who would've known the seas would become his fetish.
Rhea had a son consumed by the lightning bolt,
to save her water son, she told Cronos, she gave birth to a colt.

Poseidon had many offspring, many women and no wingman to be,
he sprung on one of his offspring,
she got buried alive, so he turned her into a spring...


Story brought to you by Poseidon

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sarah's Ferret Wheel

Spin humans in a ferret’s wheel,
make it fun and call it a ferris wheel.
Travel to Paris’ mill, lean with-it, rock with-it and record Eiffel’s reel.

Animals spinning in holes,
an excuse to hunt with a ferret - call it ferretting.
out of control, on a picky diet - here comes a terror-teen.
Talking back, full of yap, you parenting, and them parroting.

Hip hop - here comes a war dance.
Drip drop - here comes a storm trance.
Making it rain and making money advance.

Put a thief on an ex’s box,
hide it in the shadows, and call it Thief on Xbox.
sneak around in sneaky socks, balance Jim beam on the rocks.

Seven to ten - take Sarah for a spin and spin Sarah’s wheel.
stay together long enough and you’ll land on Sarah’s will.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Heroes' and Gods' Stepping Ground

I searched for Spiderman but inside all I found was a recluse,
I feared thunder and lightning, now I pick up a hammer and hear Zeus.

Step after step, step out of the way, a ladder lays,
erect its way, steps may become the latter and take numerous days.

Take on Gods and Heroes, stop comparing and reset your counter to zero, 
plot at the counter, and strategize your counter.

Once grounded in patience, now impatient,
patience is grounded and desires to fly.
The FAA is unable to see your hero, so why don’t you try?


Apples Stemmed

Apples hanging from a stem, falling on a whim,
size of a small gem -
those are the ones that should’ve hung around the gym.

Stemmed cord chute-ing food to the apple’s core.
Lines stemming outside of Apple stores.

Washing apples while resting on the floor,
throw them in a pie and eat a helping more.
When you’re watching apple pie, you’re never sure what’s in store.

When apples hit bottom, they place them in jeans.
Actually, that’s just Miley Cyrus twerking in apple bottom jeans!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Refried Retry

Refried Retry:

Chop a bird until it no longer flies,
no longer squawks and lies in a Wok - call it stir fry

Beans refried sounds like Rosarita had a retry.
Made with lard,
extracted from a pig in the yard.

Perform a mashup, grab some potatoes,
dare not serve with a ladle.
Protect a baby outside the cradle
and keep it away from an exposed gable.

In a house houses the Cradle of Life -
Hollywood stole the idea, made Tomb Raider and used Brad Pitt’s wife!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bottled Pencil

Bottled Pencil.

Wooden shaft colored canary,
lead stuffed in a canary mortuary,
mining before the invention of Blackberry.

Unlatch your pencil box, sketch outside the box,
write with wood as you escape the woods and dodge the red fox.

Paper takes a jot, encouraging mental thought.
A story plot is sought, in a book store, books are bought.

In your head thoughts are so simple,
typing is simple on a Kindle, but first use a pencil.

In your mind, a story line floats by, like a glass bottle passing an oceanic line.

A try you must, embrace a pencil’s rustic trust,
and write to the bottle of wine before it becomes a bust…