Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sarah's Ferret Wheel

Spin humans in a ferret’s wheel,
make it fun and call it a ferris wheel.
Travel to Paris’ mill, lean with-it, rock with-it and record Eiffel’s reel.

Animals spinning in holes,
an excuse to hunt with a ferret - call it ferretting.
out of control, on a picky diet - here comes a terror-teen.
Talking back, full of yap, you parenting, and them parroting.

Hip hop - here comes a war dance.
Drip drop - here comes a storm trance.
Making it rain and making money advance.

Put a thief on an ex’s box,
hide it in the shadows, and call it Thief on Xbox.
sneak around in sneaky socks, balance Jim beam on the rocks.

Seven to ten - take Sarah for a spin and spin Sarah’s wheel.
stay together long enough and you’ll land on Sarah’s will.


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