Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Fun in the sun
fun, fun, fun,
Fun retreat in the sun,
run, run, run,
kisses missed and hearts weighing a ton.

Waning tan and waxing moon,
in a bikini and on this beat, she’s making me a loony tune.

Babe strung my emotions,
this G’s heart caught her love string,
played a harp and unable to cover her own ass,
she never gave up on the G-string.

Fun in the sun
fun, fun, fun,
Fun retreat in the sun,
run, run, run,
kisses missed and hearts weighing a ton.

Seeming lies,
eyes cried, sadly dried,
I just wanted to know why,
distances unable to cover or makeup,
quickly recovered, you put on new makeup.
I remember finding you on that beach,
belly down and ass baked up!

Fun in the sun
fun, fun, fun,
Fun retreat in the sun,
run, run, run,
kisses missed and hearts weighing a ton.

Now that you’re gone
I feel stale about our lays
and our resort room stays.
I was cheated
like a half bag of potato Lays,
oh the time I found you belly down and ass baked up.
Now this vacationed heart, is all messed up...


Fun in the sun
fun, fun, fun,
Fun retreat in the sun,
run, run, run,
kisses missed and hearts weighing a ton.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Elevator Pitched

Hollowed anvil on a pulley,
don’t jump or act unruly
up and down, it performs its-duty.

Get on, get off, at the chime,
like a cowboy in a country music rhyme.
Signal to let you know when it’s time.
Inside, some people are chatterboxes, others are mimes.

Eyes in a box, hair in locks, some dressed for stocks,
uncontained, some forgot to put on socks.

At the bottom or top,
basement or parking lot,
with each press, the box will stop,
but it will not make today its last stop.


Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of First Grade

First day of First grade, learning a new way every day, but today, will be your first of First grade.

Smiles play, dressing in stealthy ways, in a classroom a Ninja Turtle stays.

Friends will call with string and tin, on the other end,
don’t consider it an end, but an opening to an infinite blend.

Shake your juice, run wild like a moose,
when feelings are hurt, make it right, make it better than a truce.

Join troops, create in groups, make memories on laughing stoops.
Get messy, don’t be afraid to build with globs of gloop.  
Take over the world - you’re freaking cute!

-DeBarros & Diego

Lilly's Pad

The place where Lilly resided as an undergrad.
The space where emotions filled with sad, mad, glad, and a bit of bad.
Social gatherings came and went as many of fads.

Kept her afloat, registered address under her first vote.
On the walls, kept her collection of totes and hipster coat.

Wore emotions on her sleeves, inked by a former lover named Steve.
She searched him with questions, he couldn’t give her straight answers,
so she changed his name like Ask Jeeves.


See-through underwear, See-through emotions...

You wore see-through underwear,
you insincere - I saw through,
panties are gone and so are you.

Love comes far and few,
why were you so distant,
I couldn’t keep up with your different hues
we both had interest - I wanted the lingerie, you wanted the matching shoes.

Your heart covered in hearts, curves covered in lace,
I removed at a rapid pace, looked like fabric was in a race.
Excited emotions provoked by the others’ desire to taste.
You told me you loved me, behind looked nice,
I was about that face, especially when we were stuck in a kissing state.
What made you swivel them hips and about face?


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Participation Trophies - And why James Harrison shouldn't get one

Alright, I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the James Harrison Instagram-rejecting his sons’ participation trophies.  I read the USA Today article of the ordeal and in a nutshell, he returned his sons’ participation trophies because they “did not earn them” (if they participated, they did earn them) and he is not raising boys into men with a sense of entitlement just because they tried their best (remember, his boys are 6 and 8 years old).  This struck a nerve with me like a dental drill the size of Harrison tackling a cavity....

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pad and Pen packed Again.

A pad and pen I packed again,
writing a story amongst women & men.
Flying to the beach, gotta’ finish,
before my hands become fins.

A pad and pen I packed again,
over the line, and winning again,
I’m writing in a trailer with Em,
the Doc wrote me a prescription,
my game’s ill and your’s on the mend.

A pad and pen I packed again.
Take five, take a shot, it’s for the win and not the Gin.
Where you’ve been?  Running the bench till you splint its shin?

I’m milling the mill until I’m meek, oh wait, I think I shouldn’t speak.
I’m tryin’ to fry a male duck, but I’m out of luck, this Drake is not weak.  
We need to turn the other cheek, Nicki turns around and eclipses Meek.
Moon speak with two cheeks, in two weeks, stored in shoe keeps - barefoot and now Meek!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Plain Jane vs. Lois Lane

I’m sitting next to Lois Lane,
on a first-class plane, an upgrade from plain Jane.

Superman on chest,
flying high,
in-the-clouds we’ll rest.

Lois is giving me a grin,
I’m giving her gin,
she’s looking a ten,
grooming her Moscow Mule,
while drinking from a tin.

Jane’s thighs drawing nigh,
Lois drawing nearby,
in the rear, a man dreams of chicken thighs.
Unseasoned thighs kept the chef asking, “Why?”


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gas Pedals, Flower Petals

One goes, another grows,
humans decorate, bees pollinate.
Flowered life in a budding, growing, and dying state…

Petals pushing nature,
pedals pushing vapor,
one you wait for, another you pay-for....

Countryside, color blooming,
city-wide, vapor fuming.
Complimenting beauty in the hair of a beauty,
promenading beauty, wind facing a flower beauty
Push a bit more,
water a bit more,
both need to saturate the floor.

Gauge a read-out, use sage at a cookout.
one gauges hunger, another drives the drummer.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mandy's Rock Candy

Sugar hardened,
rocks cartoned,
sugar pardoned,

Sweet show,
hardened flow,
fans screaming “We want mo’”

Mandy rocking candy, behaved on stage but still randy,
brittle and sweet, always performing a treat,
wild yet captivating like Bambi, on stage with a sweet fanny,
rocks out and keeps in the sandy - take a bite of Mandy the rock candy.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Hong Kong Breast Attack Protest

Cop was real, Cop was for real,
he wanted to know if they were real,
so he cop’d a feel…

Lady didn’t give her consent,
Cop said an attack was her intent,
Cop cried nipple dent,
So three months in jail she spent.

That’s longer than Lent, I hope that Cop doesn’t make rent.
Loses all he has and doesn’t even sleep in a tent.
This Cop’s obviously not a gent...

I hope he wasn’t breast-fed,
he doesn’t understand - nipples are infant’s bread.
and not something to assault you or make you dead.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

At&t Internet of Things Hackathon Boulder 2015 | Team Ambient Audio Recap

Back at it again...  Second At&t internet of things hackathon in two years, first there was LaundryPal and now there's Ambient Audio

Sit back and grab ahold to the story that became team Ambient Audio:

We utilized the tessel platform with ambient light sensor.

Our application simply analyzed outside ambient lighting and in turn controlled your wifi enabled speakers throughout your home via your mobile phone's playlist.  Creating a more zen playlist throughout the day and evening.

How it works, yo!

This allows your Circadian rhythm (which is influenced by light and sound) to synchronize and stay balanced.  Ambient Audio automatically played the appropriate audio depending on the outside ambient light in our demo near the bottom.

Our web page displayed the status of ambient audio

Meet the team:
I had nothing but praise for everyone, if we would've gel'd anymore, you could've packaged us, sold us and made jelly and hair gel jealous... Ok, I'll stop now. :)

Here's our story (audio included):

Hustle, bustle, rustle and Russel.  
We had all of the above except for a guy named Russel.

In downtown Boulder, parking was a tussel but not a struggle,
especially if you were determined to win a hackathon,
dance like you’re in a ball and change your name to Wilson and Russell!

The place was Galvanize, people came in with determined-eyes, make-up-eyes, and more than made-up tries.

I walked through double glass doors,
at the entrance was a round table with a fancy face,
Iggy had a rival but there was no dance floor.
Warm, generous and inviting, far from a hoggish boar.  
Conversation plenty, and definitely not a bore.

Some people pitched a dream, a gleam, audio beams and donations by the pocket seams.  Others came with their silent teams, tenacious, under their breathe, you could see their steam.

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Team:  Ambient Audio

A woman preached a woman led team, she wasn’t made of metal, but she still led, my passion was a notebook, I took notes, that’s all she wrote, so she took the lead.
(Ryne Emory)

A man ate stacks upon stacks, he knew direction and what stood stacked, I guess you could say he was “full stack”, we worked together and had each other’s back.  (Vinh Nguyen)

Another man with a digital canvas, he pans, he doesn’t fry, you know why?  Because he’s an artist that knows how to design a digital fry - our team was inviting, so we had him design - he made ambient audio real fly!  (Andre Rodriguez)

A man after your own heart, from the start, and hungry with code, he was ready to tear it apart.  Upbeat, like drummers on a street, performers flipping with their feet.  This guy had more energy than a carnival street, on any day of the week!  (Alan Tweedie)

A man who knew the law, yeah, he was lawful,
slick mentor and coach,
slick like Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil - we didn’t need Dr. Groppel.
He led project management, we were a tribe and he managed-to-keep-us-in-a-tent. (Roger Glovsky)

This guy (me) a jack-of-all trades, creative, rapper, dapper, rhymer who puts on the primer, looking for the best trades, to make an innovative way for those who refuse neutral and won’t stay.  At the end of the day,
I work with those who mend the worldly fray and stitch their own way!  (Adrian DeBarros)

We won best use of At&t’s M2X, this was our first project and now we’re on to the next...

Grinding away and thinking...
Demo Practice Dry Runs...

Our recorded presentation:

Another idea we wanted to do was implement relevant podcasts into the project, which we could've loaded into our Iphone's playlist.

Stout Journey Hack

Journey out back,
make sure doubt and fear face your back.

Venture into a world unknown,
rules set at an unsettling tone,
in the future, look back at your courage and realize it flown.

Choose a hackathon track,
assemble a team and have each other’s back.  
Be sure to incorporate the full stack.

There’s no tapping out, the way is not clear, no mapping out.
This is what you’re about, desire running thicker than frothy stout!

You’re going on a journey, on this path, a map’s not packed.
Guided by hearts on a rope, passion on hope.
In the end, you’ll be drinking success, like it’s on tap.