Tuesday, August 4, 2015

At&t Internet of Things Hackathon Boulder 2015 | Team Ambient Audio Recap

Back at it again...  Second At&t internet of things hackathon in two years, first there was LaundryPal and now there's Ambient Audio

Sit back and grab ahold to the story that became team Ambient Audio:

We utilized the tessel platform with ambient light sensor.

Our application simply analyzed outside ambient lighting and in turn controlled your wifi enabled speakers throughout your home via your mobile phone's playlist.  Creating a more zen playlist throughout the day and evening.

How it works, yo!

This allows your Circadian rhythm (which is influenced by light and sound) to synchronize and stay balanced.  Ambient Audio automatically played the appropriate audio depending on the outside ambient light in our demo near the bottom.

Our web page displayed the status of ambient audio

Meet the team:
I had nothing but praise for everyone, if we would've gel'd anymore, you could've packaged us, sold us and made jelly and hair gel jealous... Ok, I'll stop now. :)

Here's our story (audio included):

Hustle, bustle, rustle and Russel.  
We had all of the above except for a guy named Russel.

In downtown Boulder, parking was a tussel but not a struggle,
especially if you were determined to win a hackathon,
dance like you’re in a ball and change your name to Wilson and Russell!

The place was Galvanize, people came in with determined-eyes, make-up-eyes, and more than made-up tries.

I walked through double glass doors,
at the entrance was a round table with a fancy face,
Iggy had a rival but there was no dance floor.
Warm, generous and inviting, far from a hoggish boar.  
Conversation plenty, and definitely not a bore.

Some people pitched a dream, a gleam, audio beams and donations by the pocket seams.  Others came with their silent teams, tenacious, under their breathe, you could see their steam.

Beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Team:  Ambient Audio

A woman preached a woman led team, she wasn’t made of metal, but she still led, my passion was a notebook, I took notes, that’s all she wrote, so she took the lead.
(Ryne Emory)

A man ate stacks upon stacks, he knew direction and what stood stacked, I guess you could say he was “full stack”, we worked together and had each other’s back.  (Vinh Nguyen)

Another man with a digital canvas, he pans, he doesn’t fry, you know why?  Because he’s an artist that knows how to design a digital fry - our team was inviting, so we had him design - he made ambient audio real fly!  (Andre Rodriguez)

A man after your own heart, from the start, and hungry with code, he was ready to tear it apart.  Upbeat, like drummers on a street, performers flipping with their feet.  This guy had more energy than a carnival street, on any day of the week!  (Alan Tweedie)

A man who knew the law, yeah, he was lawful,
slick mentor and coach,
slick like Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil - we didn’t need Dr. Groppel.
He led project management, we were a tribe and he managed-to-keep-us-in-a-tent. (Roger Glovsky)

This guy (me) a jack-of-all trades, creative, rapper, dapper, rhymer who puts on the primer, looking for the best trades, to make an innovative way for those who refuse neutral and won’t stay.  At the end of the day,
I work with those who mend the worldly fray and stitch their own way!  (Adrian DeBarros)

We won best use of At&t’s M2X, this was our first project and now we’re on to the next...

Grinding away and thinking...
Demo Practice Dry Runs...

Our recorded presentation:

Another idea we wanted to do was implement relevant podcasts into the project, which we could've loaded into our Iphone's playlist.

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