Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pad and Pen packed Again.

A pad and pen I packed again,
writing a story amongst women & men.
Flying to the beach, gotta’ finish,
before my hands become fins.

A pad and pen I packed again,
over the line, and winning again,
I’m writing in a trailer with Em,
the Doc wrote me a prescription,
my game’s ill and your’s on the mend.

A pad and pen I packed again.
Take five, take a shot, it’s for the win and not the Gin.
Where you’ve been?  Running the bench till you splint its shin?

I’m milling the mill until I’m meek, oh wait, I think I shouldn’t speak.
I’m tryin’ to fry a male duck, but I’m out of luck, this Drake is not weak.  
We need to turn the other cheek, Nicki turns around and eclipses Meek.
Moon speak with two cheeks, in two weeks, stored in shoe keeps - barefoot and now Meek!


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