Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dinner's Date

Eraser top,
Pencil marks it stops,
stencil filled with pencil,
out of a bowl,
your mouth filled with lentils.

Near a plate, your phone vibrates,
it’s your date reminding you, dinner at eight.
For dinner’s sake, you jump over the gate, so you’re not late.
Date not impressed, you a hot mess, she asks you a question, you say yes.
She left, wanna know the question before the yes?
she asked,  “Are you staring at my chest?”


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poe's Son

Done with chores, writing a lore before I sleep some more
In bed on a floor, tapping comes to my chamber door,
mental core now on the floor, facing a loud chamber door,
pencil-poor, typewriter’s typing lyrics, then a paper tore.
I implore,” stop tapping at my door, I’m rapping to my core."

Raven with no talons, Underground Poet,
I’m not Edgar Allan, but I’m bout to throw a Poe-fit!


Ever get the feeling?

Ever get the feeling,
fear’s beaten you down
and your motionless,
looking up at the ceiling?

Fear doesn’t mind
if you don’t checkout in time,
outside mind put in time,
unwind fear’s looping rhyme.

Refuse to hangout with the sandman’s band,
Au Jus courage - double dip a grand plan.
Yes, yes you can, now say, yes, yes I can.
Ah yeah! now that’s ill,  Now say, yes I will!!


Sandstone Affair

Grit came together and rocked it.
Who woulda thought it,
make floors from rock and grit - no need to mop it.

Pit here and a pit there,
wife’s peach missing hair,
girlfriend’s hair, you stare, while walking stairs behind her derriere.
pitstop in hallway chair, next day, wife finds girlfriend’s hair.
Not fair, Wife doesn’t share, no longer peachy - she posts your pitted affair

Wife gives no pity, marriage bout to get gritty,
she’s taken the house, along with the kitty.
You movin’ to another city, single life, clubs all night, becoming the new P.Diddy…


Monday, September 28, 2015

Present a Kiss

"Climaxed wit,
eyes a gift,
your lips bit,
kissed intense,
past it went.
kiss in tense,
gift a kiss,
present kiss,
kissing hence,
future tense!"


Hazel'd Eyes

Locks of hair, tracing beauty bare.
Got lost in your eyes and forgot about your hair.

Lips calling, heart falling,
not broken, just misspoken

Looking at you,

I don’t know where my brain-is.
beauty is smart like Cambridge,
lips speak a diff'rent language.

Lips in a smirk,
lipstick stains a heart
more than a shirt.

Couldn’t speak about it,
lips went weak without it,
grocer’s salad pretty valid,
let’s cook dinner - add some shallots!

Us working out a fit, muscles and curves motion a fit-bit.
Bought you a bracelet, not tasteless, you shake it,
tracks your moves, like my eyes watchin’ yous,
your eyes hazel hues, can’t look away from a match-lit fuse
I’ll make sure to turn you on every night, like the 9 ‘0’clock news.

heart-beating seams under shirt.
In love, don’t dry clean
that heart-raving undershirt.

Fraying stitches, desire a future Mrs.
faucet washing dishes,
closet bossing Mrs.
flirt and support her wishes,
then she’ll show you what bliss-is

Water sprinklers,
Ocean-spray teacher
cranberry lips, a fan-buried-in-hips
distracted by the seams on her skirt
feel eyes down her legs, while heels in the dirt.
can’t tell if skirt sprinkled or boastful-flirt…


Friday, September 25, 2015

Lobbied Kiss

I told her, anticipation to kiss her was like waiting in a lobby,
she said she needed no convincing - there was no reason to lobby.

Up and down, and back to the ground.
I was in focus, I wanted to make out, but couldn’t make her out,
all because she blended into the background.

Returned my love like a volley,
earthquake heartbreak,
Rode San Andreas on a trolley.

I wanted Molly back, oh gosh, golly.
Oh my folly - eyes toward the sky
when I was on the back of Molly…


Penny Nightstands

Blackjack after the day,
A Sun then sets its-way.
Day no longer holds, and night stands.

Nightstands holding up light,
like lighters at a rock band.

Nightstands sold in one,
See potential?  Buy more than one.

Woman or Man,
most are not satisfied with just
a one-night-stand.

Bronzed with lotion hued with bronze,
skin orange and people asking, “What’s wrong?”

Nightstand’s top covered in pennies,
used at slots made for a penny,
loose change never stayed and neither did Penny…


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Hired, Camp Fired

Over a bonfire,
kids wired,
rubbing her eyes,
mom’s tired.

Burning high,
a dark sky.

Flames on,
One flame,
Flame one,
hot dame.
Told me not to play with her,
she’s not a game.

She wanted the joy to stick,
so she placed Viagra patches
all over my joystick.

Talk about flare,
a bit of fan fare,
not even a pin could tame her hair.

On flames more than a few,
mystery red hot - bring in Nancy Drew.

Roaring flames, soaring cranes,
on a beach run red-hair-dames.
not one of them are the same,

Hues of red glowing red,
bed’s hot, stamping red,
so many said,
"Burn us and
We'll find your camp bed!"


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bottled Water

On top goes the top.
bottled water,
remove the top.
Throttle a talker,
hand them a bottle of water.

Sealed the deal,
labeled with an Artesian seal.
Used to swallow a diet pill,
or a water pill - water dosed in a pill.

Water captured,
removed from
an H2O pasture.

Never on tap, no tapping out, no UFC,
not under raps - no Talib Kweli,
water bottle wrapped in a water coolie.


Reach Floss

Floss within reach,
floss in-between your teeth,
healthy gums keep your teeth
and is better for your speech.

Floss so fine, it rivals Kate Moss…


Water Hose

Water couldn’t cope,
so it rehab’d in a rope.

Coiled hose,
turned the valve,
pressure rose.

Water in a spindle,
well behaved, like
your daughter reading a Kindle.

Water hose
waters the
thirsty rose.
In hair goes
that same rose,
striking pose.

Water filled lasso, roping a drought in El Paso.
bringing back a patch full of grassed-toes.

God of a lawn,
sod thanks the bond.
Watered lawn
from the water of a pond.

Water hose grows, added height and rose.
Cut in half, made a slide - sliding human toes.

Slip and slide, on a slide two-hips-wide

Water shoots through a-chute
pressure and valve are in cahoots!

Water a pal,  he’s ready to contest, no longer mute.
Water a gal, she’s in a contest and a bit more cute…


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Stable Lounge

Wood table,
stand stable.
Magazines full of floral stables,
seeking vacation - Coral Gables.

Chair back pressed back,
imprint of a back unable to take back.
seated in chair may have been slacks, legs, it now lacks.
Sitting of the lulls, sit with back on back.
Winning of the Bulls, went back to back.


Wine Glass Love

Hangs upside down
wine comes around.
Fun ‘til
whine makes a-sound.

Royal wine aged for the of-age,
foiled wine caged - shiny enclave.
Shiny babes in waves become all the rage.

On a beach in a bikini,
curves stuffed like a tortellini.
hiding assets like Houdini.

Hunger cards,
bummer carbs
seeking a
dieting Barb.

Bradley Cooper
in a Cooper
while chased by a
fake State Trooper.

On limitless,
flying on a finless-jet,
while kidnapping a friends-pet.

Love on both sides,
love can be a menace,
especially when
you’re playing tennis

Love is stronger off the court,
bottled up like bottled quarts,
love sets you even on the Tennis court.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Under the Shower Again...

I started to feel like Bob the Builder,
needed a bath, so I reached for a bathtub filler.

But since I've gotten slim on a whim,
and no longer bathtub swim.
I thought a shower trim would do the trick again.

Flirty into dirty, dirty into flirty,
fingers typing on her body,
like a keyboard typing QWERTY.

Laces unlaced below a lace hugging waist
showered shapes
under a shower’s cape, with no drop of waste.

Face in, face out,
face pinned against the grout.

I'm recreating the scene of Barbie and Ken
under a shower trim and undergarments sliding past shins
kisses paused in-between grins - Mrs. caused me to shower again...