Thursday, September 17, 2015

Battered Emotions

Two years you departed,
few cheers, a new life you started.

I pursued top of charts,
you perused and stopped my heart.

I needed CPR,
on my back and gazing at the stars,
you practiced CPR,
single breathes were no longer “ours”

Refused to call me boo,
well I  know, it really was true,
scared you away, like a beaver with wood to chew,
we were damned and splitted in two.

You a mystery, me no Sherlock
someone picked the door’s lock,
broke the key until turns stopped,
our eyes opened, but refused to lock.

Your heart gave me instructions,
I went fast,
And skipped the introductions.

I tried to solve the entire puzzle,
when I should’ve
been content with chains, whips and a muzzle...


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