Friday, September 18, 2015

Equation of Dreams

A-morning wakes up,
leaving Hollywood,
Sigourney’s takes up.

Foggy head rising in a bed,
soggy bread in your head,
from last night’s watery
breaking of the bread.

Had a meal with chamomile,
insomnia real, until you sipped and sat still.
Sleep no longer needed a pill,
Dreamcatcher on your window sill.

Dreams flickered behind eyelids,
worrying about what the other guy-did.
These are your dreams, let others worry about what you-did.

Flickered dreams on ripped seams in ripped jeans, stickered memes.
no joke, you’re stitching dreams.
Make a new fashion, thread courage and let reality sew your dreams.
Some think you’re average, when it comes to adding dreams, you’re more than mean!


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