Monday, September 28, 2015

Hazel'd Eyes

Locks of hair, tracing beauty bare.
Got lost in your eyes and forgot about your hair.

Lips calling, heart falling,
not broken, just misspoken

Looking at you,

I don’t know where my brain-is.
beauty is smart like Cambridge,
lips speak a diff'rent language.

Lips in a smirk,
lipstick stains a heart
more than a shirt.

Couldn’t speak about it,
lips went weak without it,
grocer’s salad pretty valid,
let’s cook dinner - add some shallots!

Us working out a fit, muscles and curves motion a fit-bit.
Bought you a bracelet, not tasteless, you shake it,
tracks your moves, like my eyes watchin’ yous,
your eyes hazel hues, can’t look away from a match-lit fuse
I’ll make sure to turn you on every night, like the 9 ‘0’clock news.

heart-beating seams under shirt.
In love, don’t dry clean
that heart-raving undershirt.

Fraying stitches, desire a future Mrs.
faucet washing dishes,
closet bossing Mrs.
flirt and support her wishes,
then she’ll show you what bliss-is

Water sprinklers,
Ocean-spray teacher
cranberry lips, a fan-buried-in-hips
distracted by the seams on her skirt
feel eyes down her legs, while heels in the dirt.
can’t tell if skirt sprinkled or boastful-flirt…


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