Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to feed a Monster

Feed it a roll and watch it like
a feature show.
Take it across the bridge,
it's a toll,
guarded by hatin’ trolls,
hisses from snakin’ foes
past moats, where water flows,
under archer bows. Past a Castle hole,
where a cannon goes.

Feed it perseverance,
veer past the fearful fence,
fear - good riddance!
bet on it, get every dense pence, spent!

Hunger grows, it’ll need more than a roll,
it’ll consume different roles, so get on a rallied roll,
feed your soul, monster inside, it’s counting every tallied toll…


Inspiration from my son, he asked me if I knew how to train a dragon.  
I said no, but, I know how to feed a monster :)

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