Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lyrics Penned and Words Play

Spiraled notes, notebooks in totes, she deposited bank notes.
Pen laid with gloat, notebook closed, that’s all she wrote.

Pen in air, pen is scared, looking at a pen containing a bear.

When Penny got bare, you got scared.
Penny was on tap for a penny but you had no penny to spare.
I guess you can say - Penny was spared.  :)

You shoot blanks at a sperm bank
You’re holding them up, but couldn’t get it up to call it a stick-up.
Police were called, but then yanked, all because you no longer ranked.

Pin in a haystack, pinned in a Maybach,
way in back on JaNay’s rack.  
Small ribs, more back and a splash of baby got back.

Actually, baby got back because yo’ breathe smelled like a Yak.
Ruined your dreams of becoming a Mac.
Actually scratch that, McDonald’s hiring, become a Big Mac!

Pinned on mattress’d air, sinned under a bleacher chair.

County fair, lost in Jane’s hair, Bounty’s fair,
long legs smooth, without a trace of Nair.

You care, she care, child care - pick up young from daycare.

Whose shares? Stock equal halves at a fair, equal to those who share.

Pears rotten - time got em’
Pear trottin’ - Kim got em’
Mic Plottin’ - Kanye got em’
Jeans taught em’ - fallen apples - Apple Bottoms.


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