Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slipknot Love on a Pier

Tug and pull,
love chose you,
rubbed by ropes of few,

Calloused hands from a callous heart,
didn’t even have to pull, it started from the start.

Nose tips - tip-touch,
rose lips - kiss much,
love-seeking hearts,
refuse to lock and you’ll miss much.

Pull this way, pull that way, loose knot
in reverse becomes a noose stopped.
Tube top, jelly plops, beating peanuts until crocked,
making a sandwich while wearing boat shoes with  a loose knot.

Short end of a fuse, a potential muse, optimism turned out to be a ruse.
Gripping cruise, on seas, staring into eyes of blue.  Is this the beauty
you life-long amuse, well, is she the one you will choose?


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