Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summit Top

Told the bottom we wouldn’t stop,
fear’s fuel ran near the bottom,
while we hiked towards the top.

One said,”didn’t want to slow down the group”,
she inspired, so we took breaks in shady stoops.

Listened to her body and limit.
Handled the fear - she made it on top and pinned-it!

Incline, friends find-lots-in-kind.
Decline, friends found what binds.
Friendship stronger and one of a kind.

Pointed afar, elevated on a rocky yard,
Didn’t give in, now we win, win in Rocky’s Yard!

Stepped over rocks in dusty socks, on this hike, we surely rocked!
Supported each other like Nike’s Shox, bounced back and yelled,”Is that all you got!?”


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