Saturday, September 19, 2015

Under the Shower Again...

I started to feel like Bob the Builder,
needed a bath, so I reached for a bathtub filler.

But since I've gotten slim on a whim,
and no longer bathtub swim.
I thought a shower trim would do the trick again.

Flirty into dirty, dirty into flirty,
fingers typing on her body,
like a keyboard typing QWERTY.

Laces unlaced below a lace hugging waist
showered shapes
under a shower’s cape, with no drop of waste.

Face in, face out,
face pinned against the grout.

I'm recreating the scene of Barbie and Ken
under a shower trim and undergarments sliding past shins
kisses paused in-between grins - Mrs. caused me to shower again...


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