Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Water Hose

Water couldn’t cope,
so it rehab’d in a rope.

Coiled hose,
turned the valve,
pressure rose.

Water in a spindle,
well behaved, like
your daughter reading a Kindle.

Water hose
waters the
thirsty rose.
In hair goes
that same rose,
striking pose.

Water filled lasso, roping a drought in El Paso.
bringing back a patch full of grassed-toes.

God of a lawn,
sod thanks the bond.
Watered lawn
from the water of a pond.

Water hose grows, added height and rose.
Cut in half, made a slide - sliding human toes.

Slip and slide, on a slide two-hips-wide

Water shoots through a-chute
pressure and valve are in cahoots!

Water a pal,  he’s ready to contest, no longer mute.
Water a gal, she’s in a contest and a bit more cute…


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