Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wine Beached in a Lifeguard's Tower

One step, two step, walking the beach and wanting to two-step.

On shore, eyes adored, beauty contoured.
No kisses, just a pretty little misses
and a meeting adjourned.

Waves came to shore,
like babes going to a bikini store.
Held on to curves, clothing lost its grip, so it fell on the floor.

Waves crashed shore,
looked in her eyes, you wanted more.
chemistry in depth, first, must be explored.
You knew she was entirely edible, like an apple missing its core.

Pub crawl, she's cute on all fours, like cubs crawl.

Walking liquor, voice said, "Stop gawking and just kiss-her"
It was only a matter of time, until you'd miss-her.
She was a great catch, but you declined to be a Fisher.

One heart touched, your hand, her hand, you wanted them to clutch,
the other heart drove away while clutching the clutch.

There's so much, so much missed,
Maybe something was amiss, lost her,
you got lost like gps stolen from a Ford Explorer.
Now in the wild and Boomerang on hip, exploration wants to come back to it...



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