Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wine Glass Love

Hangs upside down
wine comes around.
Fun ‘til
whine makes a-sound.

Royal wine aged for the of-age,
foiled wine caged - shiny enclave.
Shiny babes in waves become all the rage.

On a beach in a bikini,
curves stuffed like a tortellini.
hiding assets like Houdini.

Hunger cards,
bummer carbs
seeking a
dieting Barb.

Bradley Cooper
in a Cooper
while chased by a
fake State Trooper.

On limitless,
flying on a finless-jet,
while kidnapping a friends-pet.

Love on both sides,
love can be a menace,
especially when
you’re playing tennis

Love is stronger off the court,
bottled up like bottled quarts,
love sets you even on the Tennis court.


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