Saturday, October 31, 2015

Waiting for the next act...

Staring at a staircase,
in a chair, not looking at the crowd - about face.
Blaring trumpet laid to rest for a horn’s sake.

In a chair, looking over there,
what’s got you so intrigued that you got to stare?
Is it the stairs?  Are you pondering how the next performance will fare?

Sitting in a chair made from corduroy,
it’s no longer the 70’s, we all miss those pants so heavenly,
bring over your immigrant courage, take down walls and make border-noise.  

Pick up that trumpet and battle the snares,
Turn stares into smiles, make them cheer for a while.
Blare-wit-punch!  Steady your nerves and overcome the Blair-Witch-Hunt


Friday, October 30, 2015

Kitchen Knives and Kissin' Wives

Cookin’ up a storm go kitchen knives,
Passion during the storm
in a room go kissin wives.

On a island dialin’ a friend,
smilin’ and kissin’ a woman
from the country where currency is yen.

Slaughter house,
He makes your
daughter pout.
She plays with dolls,
boy cries when she doesn’t
fall for him, he’s the one who wants a doll most of all.
She gets him on his knee and demands a fall.  
he proposes and hopes he’s not gettin’ a RuPaul.
This serving order is about to get tall…


Watchin' Moments

Muy mal, an ugly toy is tall.
Very bad, you feo but still glad.

Get on the path, where has no wrath,
you’ve been out there too long, now take a bath.
Smellin’ like sasquatch, no time, like a band of a watch.
Who woulda thought, you with a half court shot, in a contest,
not playing the game, call that a fan’s shot.

Watchin’ time like pedestrians watchin’ mimes,
watchin’ movements time after time.

Get in gear, this transmission expects no fear, learn how to shift,
gift a gift and hear the cheer after you overcome the fear…


Writing by Candle Light

Light is now in sight, perhaps now, I can write.
I’ll be Batman from the 1960’s, now I got POW right.
Duck hunt from the 80s and you got a fowl sight.
Kal-El in the 30’s missing krypt-o-nite
add diff’rent colored strokes in the 70’s and you got dynomite.
In 2015, we have legal tokes in CO and e-cigarette smoke in flow.

This candle light, like my flip flops, be light.  
Heavy can get heavy in the darkness,
breathing heavy, tasting tartness,
you like cheddar cheese, but this meal
can forgo the sharpness.

Dark wit, avoiding armpits,
there’s a rat in the pit, musk is its scent.
You want a vent, but there’s no psychiatrist,
so that means you’re unable to vent…



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clyde's Bonnie

Bonnie and Clyde,
what’s mommy tryin’ to hide.
maybe the guy in tighty whiteys shootin’ the jive?
Time for her shift, she works where they solicit, “Do you want pie?”
Grease in her hair and mustard stains on her thigh,
they want her maximum try for her age,
like flags, they work at half staff and no raise for minimum wage.

Despite her age, she labors like a slave,
there are days she works her head off,
Children and adults run around like Ichabod Cranes.
A waitress and mom - everyone expects her to always solve...


Contemporary Muse

She’s my contemporary muse,
I’m her temporary fuse,
setting her off when she needs a ruse,
tricked her to make love to Jazz and the Blues.

Woke up early, alarm clock before the news, 
no domestic violence,
so I refused to hit snooze.
I paid my dues, in the gym, extra weight I refused.
Weight supported by gym shoes, men choose the cutie in gym shoes.

Learning new material every day, it feels like Blue's Clues.
Muse few,
clues two,
bra hook clasped in two, hands clasped too.
Tryin’ to unhook, remove the chorus, this solo is about to come unglued…


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pouted Putt

You pout your put, cuz, your gut you struck.
What a muck, your swing be tough.
and your confidence, there’s nothing much.

How can you be-so mute?
I boil you with tofu and
spices, like Miso soup.

Aligned shoulders, shooting towards a boulder
obstacle on course, broken with force, like popsicles divorced.

Swing through, a lonely ring, put a finger through,
mood ring, rude sings, in a drawer, it registers; cha-ching!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hallow Weened

Jeepers see-saw a creeper,
peepers cross-fit and teeter.
A diet on the balance, she’s
a bit slim on the rear end,
will someone please feed-her again?

Spooky balloons, in trees go cooky baboons.
Arizona makes spooky sand dunes.
looking over her shoulder, she’s got sand behind her,
watching sand - with a sand timer.
We already landed, then got away like Smokey and the Bandit,
Alien’s watched Nelly’s ways and decided to apply and band-it.

What you going to be this year?  It’s up in the air, but surely get aired,
and never old like National Lampoon.
Ghostly traps coming soon, under a full moon with ghastly goons.
Some women dress like the west, and become the new saloon girls of the west.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Dodge Ball Class

Gym class in, gym class out,
foaming at the mouth,
like a pirate raiding stout.

hand on ball,
ball on ass,
stamping a petite ass.
How did she get all that in dem, jeans?  
Call that a discrete mass.
No doctors scripting,
drawers jog when waking,
but no booty shorts in half-life class.

Pick a ball, run for the wall, if you fall,
make sure it’s on a doll, not the kind you blow-up,
but one that gets manicured, pedicured from the toe-up


Easy Bake Oven Dreams

Parked car,
dreams parked,
not going far.

You want to be a star,
come out with something new,
like a Tesla car.

Open the gates, wakeboard when no one’s awake,
think of scandalous rhymes from the 70’s, like watergate.

If you fake fake into make make,
then bake bake a cake cake,
be sure to include a muffin,
come out in the 90’s with an easy bake oven…


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life of a Chair

Sit here, sit there,
legs wrapped around a chair
means someone is sitting there.

Back to back, supporting a back,
all that support and still no pat on the back.

Have a seat, someone’s about to speak,
rest your feet for a spoken feat.

Restless wiggle,
tickle the feet of a chair
and it still won’t giggle.

Bottom’s seat,
some wide some petite,
some stare while others speak…


Hero Face

A spooky vase full of water is very real,
like a house with Ali Larter on Haunted Hill.

Saving the end
of the world is like saving the last page;
you’re already at the end.

A hero or martyr,
heroes don’t quit they find a way to go farther.
They fight against zombie minds - nonstarters.
Perhaps I should go back to innuendos about Ali Larter…


Friday, October 23, 2015

Pirate's Fit

Captain! Captain!
The parrot’s wings no longer flappin’
What’s yer yappin’, Polly’s fallin’ and went a crashin’?

A bit, his perch, he missed.
Oh now, you about to feel the fury of a pirate’s fit.
Your courage I already sank, I’ll throw you in the water and forgo the plank.

I’ll spring on you like a jack in the box, you dare turn my crank,
I’ll make you blue in the lips like Kool-aid drank…


Passion's Back

Constitute a passion’s fruit,
I agree with freedom of speech,
but damn, she was far from mute.

Cutie had an arched back,
I thought she was taking me back
to 1960’s McDonald’s;
taking an arch back.

Couldn’t get her out of my mind,
she was bouncing around in my head,
like the springs in my bed.

Plugged in my controller, her passion controlled-her,
grinding passion, like dentist drilling a molar.

So I told her, get on two knees, stretch two feet back,
mounted like Banjo-Kazooie - bird in backpack.
Think I’m sprung, but I haven’t used that term since that 1990’s movie.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

In a Holy Place

In a holy place,
a bit gray, I don’t think he

Repenting from unholy dates,
Isn’t he a bit late?
That’s a call he’ll have to make.

What’s in his lap, I hope it’s not the clap.
Let’s say a prayer for this dear old chap.


Bowling Nachos

Bowling nachos
in the gutter are
solely Tacos.

Insane you
Fame Caught-chu
Pain fought-thru
dame taught you
lame’s not you.
What the game taught you
Shoulda thought thru
You stretched, but the game hasn’t taut you.

Shoes slick, nacho cheese lips, squinting at frames while you aim for the middle lane.
Bowling 101 - strike life with meaning - if you’re reading this, this isn’t the last frame.
So step up your game, let works tell the world your last name…


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Garage Band

An addict trips
on manic fits,
travels on a frantic trip.
What else did I miss?
Addictions can be somewhat bliss.
illusioned risk, here’s a musicians tip;
Play sober, get yourself out of a hole, you’re not a gopher.

Play the tunes,
sway the goons,
forget the apples,
there’s no I in tunes.

Garage band,
in the desert
mirage sand,
looking in the distance at phantom fans.  
Cry - now you’re performing teary glands,
on stage with weary hands.  
Audience peeping with leary demands,
drove all this way to boulevard Rosecrans.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Random Write...

On a stage,
stitching our way,
paged way,
beeper goes off,
1999 what do you say?

There goes Gertrude in a burnt-hue,
heels, no shoes, guys few, she gives a clue.
Bras carry two, pasties get glued.

Super bowl dresses a broken calculator
here comes a wardrobe malfunction…


Monday, October 19, 2015


In a cold park,
exercising, adding years,
to set bold mark.

In these depths
I must attest,
digging deeper
is not always best.
made my bed and now I rest.
Life’s equation does not always solve,
I tried to be equal to, greater than and less than the rest.
Confidence once held chin high, is now lowered to my chest.
Sometimes the world feels like an escort and only speaks to you
after paying with a form of payment - dollars are best.

We live in a courtroom, raised by a judge, in a jury box unable to budge.
Jury’s still out, one glance from a human and they’ve started to judge.

It’s in our human nature,
but those who find value in each ingredient inspire human nature,
yeah, like Cumin and Capers.  

-Poe’s Son (DeBarros)