Sunday, October 11, 2015

Aristotle in a Bottle

I’m Aristotle in a bottle, crashing beaches with beach models.
Topful, potful and thoughtful, no governor, you can say I have no throt-tle.

Many try-to-do,
I’m cued-to-do.
Throw me in a-ball,
no master at-all.
coming out like Mew-two
mastering what few-do,
putting on shoes of two,
Still hu-man, make up Nikki, looking Blue-man.

My name’s not Paul Wall,
but I’ll soon be levelin’ walls,
not too tall, not at all, constructing a lyrical mall.
With windows standing manikin dolls.
There, I gave you a taste of small,
not my all, but for now, that’s all!.


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