Monday, October 19, 2015


In a cold park,
exercising, adding years,
to set bold mark.

In these depths
I must attest,
digging deeper
is not always best.
made my bed and now I rest.
Life’s equation does not always solve,
I tried to be equal to, greater than and less than the rest.
Confidence once held chin high, is now lowered to my chest.
Sometimes the world feels like an escort and only speaks to you
after paying with a form of payment - dollars are best.

We live in a courtroom, raised by a judge, in a jury box unable to budge.
Jury’s still out, one glance from a human and they’ve started to judge.

It’s in our human nature,
but those who find value in each ingredient inspire human nature,
yeah, like Cumin and Capers.  

-Poe’s Son (DeBarros)

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