Saturday, October 10, 2015

Conceived Couch

On a snuggled couch with a muffled mouth,
popcorn on tap she’s on your lap and remote in a pouch.

Watching movies made from the south, fried chicken they tout,
No Kernel in place, like Microsoft missing it’s date,
Colonel warned Diddy, times would soon be a pity.
Deep fried religion gone missin’, about face, Amen sprays Mace.

No plantation, just amazin’ on a mansion,
without a license and in a coop, chickens dancin’

Wedgie stuck, high-step prancin’  thong in a song, and SisQo Dancin’
Crisco muck, pirate glancin’ greasin’ a ton of booty
and unsuited for kids like Marilyn Manson.

Cisco connecting Iwatches of wrist-gold,
info-flow, glance one-mo, digital story be told.
Miss-told, fists-fold, fight for inception of conception like Connecticut v. Griswold.


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