Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall's in Love

Aiming, fell, upskirt - help me to my feet,
I can’t have a wardrobe malfunction,
on the hunt and love I’m-huntin’
love’s got my tongue and now I can’t speak.

Fall for someone, be someone’s season,
or someone’s reason.  Falling bad,
bigger picture - make her the mom and you the dad.

In Fall I fell for you, you untied my heart and laced my shoes.
who knew, with you, one plus one equals more than 2.

Love with you,
is like you, a magazine issue and waiting for the next “miss-you”.
I’ll be there to sit you, kiss you, on your neck I may have bit-you,
I promise to wipe your eyes even if there’s no tissue.

Hide-n-seek for over a week,
that’s a long time for hearts to speak.

You can say
I’m infatuated,
in my heart,
you saturate-it!
I’m not hiding,
love’s abiding,
tag you’re-it!

A pumpkin spice tall,
enjoyed in the fall.
You not a fan of  the ‘bucks’,
invading habitats, where animals have it tough.

Always wanted a woman who inspires,
that’s what’ll keep me on track and keep tread on my tires,
Even into my age of balding, my heart in love, still falling…


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