Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hallow Weened

Jeepers see-saw a creeper,
peepers cross-fit and teeter.
A diet on the balance, she’s
a bit slim on the rear end,
will someone please feed-her again?

Spooky balloons, in trees go cooky baboons.
Arizona makes spooky sand dunes.
looking over her shoulder, she’s got sand behind her,
watching sand - with a sand timer.
We already landed, then got away like Smokey and the Bandit,
Alien’s watched Nelly’s ways and decided to apply and band-it.

What you going to be this year?  It’s up in the air, but surely get aired,
and never old like National Lampoon.
Ghostly traps coming soon, under a full moon with ghastly goons.
Some women dress like the west, and become the new saloon girls of the west.


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