Thursday, October 8, 2015

Harry Dates

Hair through fingers is just not fair.

Hair passing knuckles, causing a heart to buckle,
she has no idea of the internal struggle.

Lay Ruffles Lays while lying in ruffled ways,
loving her like, “one more chip, then got to dip”
Take risks, give her love, become a gambler
not knowing when to save the last chip.

Leave her too soon,
and stand in the sand,
watching tides motioned by the moon.

She’s in and out, take her out for a nice cold stout.
Watching about - She tempts lips without moving her mouth,
watching her lips while she sips a nice cold stout

Getting ready for a date,
she’s out and about making friends with hustle and bustle, then eats a crepe.

In the wake of a date, she gets excited to date,
In a forest or lake, make sure she’s college courted
and keep it silent if she Wakes the Forest.

Practice the  love of culinary,
Drink Brandy, cook with Sherry.
Now that’s a two-timing Harry.


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