Monday, October 12, 2015

Project - Initiative 101

Hello friends,

I’m coming to you today with great news of a project I have been oiling the cogs on.  Now secondly, I would like to say, with a  sincere heart-felt - I’ve missed our conversational blog posts.
I say this because, in the past and of present, I have been rhyming your ears off with story rhymes, bits and pieces of lyrics and punchlines - I promise you that these are NOT my only contributions as a human on this organic globe, and I don’t write all of this in my tan-manic robe…  Ok, I’ll stop I had to catch myself there.

I want to thank you as a reader of TunnelYou, and to get you up to speed, here’s a little backstory.  I created TunnelYou in 2011 but did not write the first blog post until 2012, I went into it with the idea - I would attempt to copy successful formulas of other tech/inspiration sites.  Between product reviews, YouTube videos, rhyming skits, I realized all of these projects/efforts had a common thread - storytelling. I also felt I needed to have a sole focus and put my “got it all figured out” pants on.  

As vulnerable humans that we are, I’ll shed a little more clothing… I still don’t have it all figured out, I feel like I’m venturing into a combination of storytelling and creativity that I am still constructing into something awesome (think Lego bricks before they became popular ;) ).  However, I am courageous and have learned more about myself and what propels me - Team environments with creative collaborations.  And with that knowledge  I’m continuing the study of the human condition with various social interactions and psychology books.  I am a firm believer, we as humans, are responsible for our own growth and the continued education of who we are - human.

Without further ado,  my mind has conceived a bigger project than myself.  Under the branding of my website, TunnelYou, I present to you, Project Initiative 101 - Essence of human inspiration.  Throughout my continued studies of the human condition, I am writing essential inspirational definition quotes that are displayed in minimalist, yet impactful designs.  Taking a play on the 101, (think college History 101).  I will take words and add 101 to their ending and then provide a humanistic definition.  These designs will be available for purchase on various merchandise in my online Redbubble portfolio.  Here are the first two designs:  Courage 101 and Optimism 101.

I will continue with songwriting, music collaborations and share the wacky rhymes in my head with you. And share the rhyming photography stories on my YouTube Channel.  I’m my own cheerleader as I work as a one man team -  I keep telling myself, “the more one pushes, the further away the focus on the weight of the boulder becomes”  Then I’m like, “well of course, after we have our boulder on a roll, we should turn our focus to the momentum.”

We all have our back and forths, it’s up to us to interact with humans like a team to win the tug-o-war.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update, if you have feedback, input or a smiley face, please do so in the comments below :)

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