Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stubbled Maze

Stubble on a face,
not soft to the touch like
bubble butt in lace.
Contrast race,
black and white
we won Academy Award for Best Art Direction,
in the 1940's black & white section.

I was insane while she was in pain.  
I was determined to take care of this dame.
she met me before all the fame,
She had few words when she had emotions to explain.
that morning she left, I felt things weren’t the same.

Went in for a kiss,
she blocked my attempt with her wrist,
I knew something was amiss,
I should have known after that silent show,
She said she had to go, drove away and had my heart towed.

She was a sugared Jane and I was Abel,
we both survived the dentist,
so I knew there would be no’Cain.

Distance grew,
touching went from a lot to a few
that instance I knew, here comes the silent clue.

I could write this song,
about how I feel I was wronged.
She wished I shaved, my heart crazed;
so I shaved - razor burn paved the way.
What else can I say - a great woman came my way,
A woman with mazed emotions and still knew how to get her way...


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