Friday, October 30, 2015

Writing by Candle Light

Light is now in sight, perhaps now, I can write.
I’ll be Batman from the 1960’s, now I got POW right.
Duck hunt from the 80s and you got a fowl sight.
Kal-El in the 30’s missing krypt-o-nite
add diff’rent colored strokes in the 70’s and you got dynomite.
In 2015, we have legal tokes in CO and e-cigarette smoke in flow.

This candle light, like my flip flops, be light.  
Heavy can get heavy in the darkness,
breathing heavy, tasting tartness,
you like cheddar cheese, but this meal
can forgo the sharpness.

Dark wit, avoiding armpits,
there’s a rat in the pit, musk is its scent.
You want a vent, but there’s no psychiatrist,
so that means you’re unable to vent…



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