Monday, December 28, 2015

Camp Fire

Over a bonfire,
kids wired,
rubbing her eyes,
mom’s tired.

Burning high,
a dark sky.

Flames on,
One flame,
Flame one,
hot dame.
Told me not to play with her,
she’s not a game.

She wanted the joy to stick,
so she placed Viagra patches
all over my joystick.

Talk about flare,
a bit of fan fare,
not even a pin could tame her hair.

On flames more than a few,
mystery red hot - bring in Nancy Drew.

Roaring flames, soaring cranes,
on a beach run red -hair dames.
not one of them are the same,

Hues glowing red,
bed’s hot, stamping red,
so many said,
"Burn us and
We'll come find you in your bed!"


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