Thursday, December 31, 2015

Firewood Would

Flame’s passion would burn this wood if it got a hold, not timidly, but bold.
Flame needs one taste to get on a roll.  While you give many licks to that buttery roll.

A buttery roll makes a smile profound, then turns into a frown, when looking down, looking at body round.  Never saw the weight coming, pity-train, never made a sound.

Instead of taking many licks of a buttery roll,
take the many licks of life, and get on a roll.

Here comes a thought of motivation.  You thinking of your fuel, to become an inspiration.  Your action latent, but we’re at the final stages,
you have little time to become an inspiration.  You’ve got to write all over fear’s pages.
A day at a time, don’t try to guess the age of time, you’re not working at a carnival, you’re not guessing ages.

Determine what you need to do.  
Because, like these trees,
after you’re chopped, you get no redo.


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