Thursday, December 24, 2015

Focused Rooftop

Focused Rooftop,
where socks dry and shoes are stocked.
Screaming to the top  - audible sensation.
No Jay Z around, but singing Roc Nation.

Mavens all around,
knowing Yung Joc’s anthem,
these rooftops soar high above the ground,
but today, it’s goin’ down!

Plenty of sunlight, seize the day,
but I’m not sure I spot one solar panel laid.

Oooh! I spot a babe sunbathing
with a body that’s breathtaking!

I’m writing these sexy fan lines,
while competing with her tan lines.

Down below go dropped dimes,
you called her a dime  because in bed
she was in every crease of those sheets,
late for work and she still didn’t stop-it
until the day she looked for change - no longer lining your pocket…


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