Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hold her by the Waist

Hold her around the waist,
your lips become a hungry chef,
coming back for endless tastes.

Eyes closed , but passion’s awake,
make a fool of yourself, bling line - Drake.

I meant Hotline Bling,
called late night, when staying awake was a fight,
during the day ended up with the woman of your dreams!

Holding onto you like a line of hope.
Boldly supporting her
after a glass of wine and standing on a slope.

Kissing you and didn’t make you shave,
at next guys’ night out she becomes all the rave.
Told your buddies, “All my razors, I’ve placed in the grave!”
And that stubbly chin of yours yells,” Hip-Hip- Hooray,
For life, she’s our bae


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