Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Secret Life of Ms. Two Shoes

The secret life of Ms. Two Shoes:

Dances in two shoes
glances with blue hues,
advances from shoo’d woos.
She’s smart, she watched Blue’s Clues.

Prada shoes, gotta do what’s new.
Innovate a devil in blue, laid off, becoming something new.

High heels making sly reels. Once alone,
With Rocky’s tone, she won an Oscar with Stallone.

Back in her day, X didn’t stand for Xylophone.
She took X and got off on beats with a vibraphone.

Dates consisted of putting on Maybelline,
fisting with vaseline, ran out of gasoline,
waiting for the climax that would jump off like a trampoline.
One day she let out a valiant scream, it was the first day in ages
she heard a truck signaling for ice cream.

She met a dude, he did all the talking - he let her chew.
How rude!  Didn’t let her speak, she had no break from salad dressing Greek.
He was not meek.  Spoke about accomplished feats, climbed rhombus peaks.  
But when it came time for Ms. Two Shoes to peek, he couldn’t get to a peak.
Nothing came to mind with nothing to climb… so she was unable to peak.

The Journey Continues...

The struggle continues in many avenues.
Women, guide men to a better clue.
Men, research the intimate places of your boo,
prevent the drama and decline the show - Donahue.

Stop treating her like a Saint, Day of Latter,
her face may say saint, but she’s thinking about climbing your ladder.  
Make love to her when it matters,
alternate fast and slow, aroused - now you’re an up and coming rapper.


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