Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Boo Plays PeekaBoo

A boo plays peekaboo,
no Cinderella,
pulled her from a ball - Pikachu!
Bae’s a bit shocked - Pikachu!!!

Who do you clue when Horton Hears a Who?
We both gained weight,
so I guess we’re not getting out this four-door coupe.

Wooly Mammoth, picture taken by an unruly camera.

She’s got a lot of hair, you stare, covers her face and says,
“It isn’t fair!”  At dinner she insists y’all share.
A picture ain’t a picture without her and her sister.
So this picture, you missed her.
Then you fantasize about her and her sister.

Boat never went,
hope better spent,
tell-her what you meant,
otherwise, your story will end up in a book:


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