Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Hero Unknown Wanders Alone

A Hero Unknown Wanders Alone...


I can do this


I have to do this


Destiny is calling… And I have to take this call...

Crown scraped, town lookin’ for escape, wishin’ for a hero who’s caped.
Midnight takes, middle of the night, people wake, fearful of their fate.
Fear’s here, fear’s there, in everyone rests a fearful cheer.
Inside their chest, need to wake only the best.

Work harder, here comes a test,
no multiple choice, answers lie within your chest.
Nowhere to lie, get up you falsified mess.
Digress on less, and you won’t be able to save what’s left.
A hero needed, kneads what’s needed.
Leaving the bakery shop, leavening to the top,
like a yeast
rise with words, the words I that speak.

A  hero unknown, wanders alone.  
no purpose, not worth-it,
don’t start, don’t birth-it
Fear surmounting, becoming a drowning…
tried to drown out the distractions,
people have no reaction.

A hero unknown wanders alone…

A hero unknown wanders alone…

A hero unknown wanders alone…

After courage wakes,
all else can be laid to rest.
Take the test,
Are you ready to wake the best?


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