Tuesday, January 26, 2016

At A Coffee Bar

At a coffee bar.
Go three exchange students
studying near and afar.

On display;  displaying the message,”
Want to study?  Come this way!”

Study up new material
they do this quite often, making it serial.
Coffee as breakfast, this place serves no cereal.

Beauty with hair serves a chair her jacket.
Guy with earphones keeps in the racket
studying locked - no better it latches.

Splendid delight, no Splenda packets in these lights!
Within thee sights, keep the fight.

A guy gloats over notes, while writing about medieval moats.

In front a girl reads, the back of her mind recites last night’s deeds.
Her girlfriend does what she did after the deed.
That’s why you see an empty chair - she went to go pee!


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