Friday, January 22, 2016

Biscuit Tears

Waking with tears,
the opposite of waking with cheer,
someone handed you  a bagel and
ran off with the schmear.

Wait who did-this?
They left you with a fucking biscuit.

Split top eat before putting on socks
STOP - you can’t call this breakfast!
Like a bad book, nothing else to read
so you reluctantly read-it. and
the butter you breaded.

Biscuit on a blanket,
last night got hot
strapped to the bed by anklets.

An odd way to warm a biscuit,
but hey, I tried to warn you from the distance.

I heard your mother sputter,
“Do you want a biscuit with your butter?

This may be yummy
but won’t get you any closer to a flatter tummy...”

Yeah I know, your mother’s speech was quite crumby.


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