Sunday, January 31, 2016

Camera Cyclops

Camera Cyclops

Picture taken while you tie-tops
Stop, wait, if you don’t finish the tie, breasts flop.

On the ground aiming sky high
he knows they’re round, peeping Tom has one eye!

Click-click-clack - camera’s on track.
Kiss-kiss-smack - passion is back.

Through a lens,
you’re free, but still
captured you and your friends
along with the laughter and grins.

Sippin’ wine, you the dime on his mind.
Prefers flexibility so he can turn you on a dime.

Adjusting exposure
he captures the coffee mug
and now knows you drink Folgers.

Zoomed in medicine cabinet, sees meds for bi-polar
and Vicodin for your cracked molar…

Cyclop sees you flirt and wants to cry,
you winked, you thought he blinked,
he tried to wink, but only has one eye!


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