Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Girl with Tattoos

Girl with Tattoos
She touches herself,
can I touch too?

Anchor near a side-boob.
This singer is thinkin’ about her side-dude.
Forgive this wanker, I have no clue.
She used to be someone’s boo, I see his name covered by a tattoo.

Wings of an angel, she looks disappointed like Kris Kr’angle given some pr’angles.
She wanted him down on one knee and an ankle. He saw the warning signs and
thought her love, like her hair would be a messy tangle.

She can’t believe the note she read,
“Babe I woke early from this bed,
you looked tired, so I decided to lightly tread.

I also turned off the alarm,
thought about buying you a rose,
but I noticed you already had one, on your forearm....


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