Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Late Night Candle Light

Late night candle light,
fake fight, baiting candle’s light.

It’s 1am,
no brew in the bottle,
maybe that’s a good thing to be sayin’?

A late night reading
I go missing,
a babe pulled me away for a light night breeding.

In the shadows,
her curves
I battle, smacked her ass - no paddle.

Love life now shimmers with hope
her a recovering addict,
her breasts still glimmer with dope.

Her on top - It’s snowing.
Me on top - I’m flowing.

Striking orgasms
under the sheets - we’re bowling.

Body heats growing
she stops to tweet - “ooo weeee”
This cu-ti-e had a nice nice boo-ty.
stayed on top to grab her phone.
No shuffling around - cards - 1 ace and two moans.


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