Monday, January 25, 2016

Silent Passions Heard

Kid’s passionate,
gave him a pop filter
to keep his mic immaculate.

Having a vocal-fit,
could also say, a tonal vent.

He’s making known his lyrical rage,
he’s bold, with no fear-of-his-age.

This picture captures his stature,
he’s practicing, records will shatter.

Scream!  Vocals look nice but in this picture they look mean.

Pitch Perfect like nurses with purses living healthy purpose.
Unlike Fat Amy, rehearses verses
never speaks about Popeye’s, so she chooses Church’s.

Ok back to the story,
this kid has no worry.
Let’s tell the rest of his story.

Gave him an instrument,
now he’s doing what imagination meant.

Spent potential, not counting the cost,
he’s belting one out, like Diana Ross, vocals running deep like Randy Moss.


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