Thursday, January 14, 2016

Window Up a Wall

Window up a wall.
Fear got the best of you,
you forgot the rest of the house,
and left everyone appalled.

Window up a wall,
action stalled.
Constipated thoughts,
public bathroom - shit or get off the pot.
You couldn’t decide, so your dreams stalled.

A window without a frame,
look outside, life doesn’t stay the same.
A Batman without Bane,
who’s he gonna fight when Joker becomes sane?

Maine, now you’re thinking without your head - Ichabod Crane!

Looks like you were sleepy and left this house hollow,
what’s left to follow?

A creepy keeping,
with no doors for peeping?
Now you got a weeping Tom
unable to get his peeping on.
Ha ha, I should put these like bars in a cheeky song!


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