Friday, February 19, 2016

Productivity and Social Media Tips

Behind the scenes of Yeezy Season 1 2 3 and leak of Season 4...


Thursday, February 18, 2016

In the Deep

In the deep
bags under eyes
Pillows missing sleep.

She saw Aaron Rodgers out the corner of her eye,
so she went deep.

1 foot
2 foot
3 foot
Water past ankles, determined to cover more…

5 foot
6 foot
7 foot
She’s thinking, “I’m cold, how dare he make me wait”

She was left out there by a thoughtful man
loved his comics and
assumed she’d be saved by aqua man.


Mannequin Doll

Mannequin Doll
Standin’ and tall
whacked by a light saber
Anakin falls.

Head was loose in the noose,
so it came loose.

Boring train ride
like a woman with a flat caboose.

Like Natasha and Boris
makin’ friends with a moose.

Oooh, Oooh, like Mark McGuire and
kids, they both like juice.

On concrete, no grass
meaning, no lawn feet.
No fresh water,
no prawns to eat.

On the ground,
Suicidal mime never came around…


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Camera Bed

Camera Bed
“You’re not filming us,” She said.
made him put down the camera and fled.

Canon on sheets
like a muse in heat
straps undone and no one speaks.

Left the bed,
now you’re wondering if they’re wed
A mystery now lies in your head

Sheets fold,
cold weeks,
peak bold
out cold after a release, woh.

Pillows silent
silhouettes escaped sheets
a million bets, left cold, and not in heat.

Left for a nice walk
Condoleezza Rice talks
Plays Piano - they should’ve
stayed for the pillow talk
They could’ve played
Yo-Yo Ma
in her socks, bottom and bra
instead they left in a crawl.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Hut Hut Hike

Hut hut hike,
Look at the dark in her eyes
I wonder if she’ll let me turn on the lights

Gridiron fight,
she’s tryin’ to look tough
but I don’t think she’ll hike that football right.

Like behind a wardrobe
lace stays in and out of sight.

In a stance preparing for a football dance,
she stares in a trance

On any given Sunday
she won’t be asking for your sweat pants.

She keeps herself abreast on football,
far from imitation - no RuPaul.

Hand on knee
lights out
candle me

She’s in a stance, not at rest
Ah… I see you looking but I refuse to speak about her breasts…


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tender Ginger

Tender Ginger
Tinder, swiped right twice
and matched two gingers.

Went out for cameras instead of dinner.

Camera without a flash
A man without a ‘stache
she’s in zebra stripes unwilling to flash.

He’s got a Canon below his sternum,
something doesn’t look right,
like pirates making butter - churn ‘em.

Vines at the back of their minds
but they’re not moving
so how can this be a vine?

Standing near a rocky edge,
He didn’t know how to butter her up
she was thinking toffee instead.

He’s fair, she’s fair.
He won prizes for her at the county fair.
She gave birth down in a lair.
When divorce flares, she’ll no longer be fair…


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Make Up Face

Make up face
Time flushed with her blush
couldn’t wait, so he left without a trace.
She thought it would take more for his escape.

Lips slightly part
thought he had the patience
like takin’ a stroll through a gallery full of art.

Last night she met a straight arrow
Handed her some silver,
now she’s lonely
with lips on the verge of a quiver.
Will she love again, will anyone
warm her heart to shake the shivers?

Looks as if her heart has drafts with no sealer
she was his Mon Amie thriller,
No Regis by her side, but still
lookin’ like a young Kathie Lee Gifford.

Oh that fateful date,
love filmed a mis-take.
wait, does anyone else see
a resemblance of Becky
from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?


Monday, February 1, 2016

Colored Earth

Colored Earth
And for what it’s worth - put on a tie dyed shirt
like a shirt resembling this Earth.

A photo from outer-space,
mimics a clown’s powered-face
lighting up an out of towner’s face.

An alien in a different gradient
slider hues slide on colors imbued.
In outer-space with no trace of Martian shoes.

Space rock,
make it colorful,
grab your crotch and moonwalk.

Floating around Earth
Drunk smart with Hennessy
thinkin’ Earth’s flat with no girth - that’s B.O.B.

Space station shows colors laced.
Like Cupid during Nascar
Hearts race when playing with colorful lace.

This is no longer the 90s
Women booties no longer yell find-me.

There’s more moons on Earth
Than all of the Solar system’s worth.

Cowboys in June,
Hot, clear view of a round moon.
… No wonder they frequented panty-hosed saloons
Went hand in hand, like a can of beans and a spoon.