Monday, February 1, 2016

Colored Earth

Colored Earth
And for what it’s worth - put on a tie dyed shirt
like a shirt resembling this Earth.

A photo from outer-space,
mimics a clown’s powered-face
lighting up an out of towner’s face.

An alien in a different gradient
slider hues slide on colors imbued.
In outer-space with no trace of Martian shoes.

Space rock,
make it colorful,
grab your crotch and moonwalk.

Floating around Earth
Drunk smart with Hennessy
thinkin’ Earth’s flat with no girth - that’s B.O.B.

Space station shows colors laced.
Like Cupid during Nascar
Hearts race when playing with colorful lace.

This is no longer the 90s
Women booties no longer yell find-me.

There’s more moons on Earth
Than all of the Solar system’s worth.

Cowboys in June,
Hot, clear view of a round moon.
… No wonder they frequented panty-hosed saloons
Went hand in hand, like a can of beans and a spoon.


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