Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Make Up Face

Make up face
Time flushed with her blush
couldn’t wait, so he left without a trace.
She thought it would take more for his escape.

Lips slightly part
thought he had the patience
like takin’ a stroll through a gallery full of art.

Last night she met a straight arrow
Handed her some silver,
now she’s lonely
with lips on the verge of a quiver.
Will she love again, will anyone
warm her heart to shake the shivers?

Looks as if her heart has drafts with no sealer
she was his Mon Amie thriller,
No Regis by her side, but still
lookin’ like a young Kathie Lee Gifford.

Oh that fateful date,
love filmed a mis-take.
wait, does anyone else see
a resemblance of Becky
from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?


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