Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tender Ginger

Tender Ginger
Tinder, swiped right twice
and matched two gingers.

Went out for cameras instead of dinner.

Camera without a flash
A man without a ‘stache
she’s in zebra stripes unwilling to flash.

He’s got a Canon below his sternum,
something doesn’t look right,
like pirates making butter - churn ‘em.

Vines at the back of their minds
but they’re not moving
so how can this be a vine?

Standing near a rocky edge,
He didn’t know how to butter her up
she was thinking toffee instead.

He’s fair, she’s fair.
He won prizes for her at the county fair.
She gave birth down in a lair.
When divorce flares, she’ll no longer be fair…


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